We work hard to make the bidding process the easiest for our clients.

First of all you need to be registered with us. That means we are obliged to document your identity by means of an identity card or passport. Therefore, we may kindly ask you once to provide us a copy of your I.D., which you may sent us either via email or via fax. If you are a commercial dealer, we may also ask you to provide us a copy of your trading license, VAT number or extract of the commercial register as well as a prove that you are entitled to act for your company.

Once your identity is cleared you have different options to bid with us.

1) Participate live in the auction as a floor bidder.
We run our sales live in the room and you are welcome to join us in person. Bid and win your chosen lots directly in the saleroom. (Please note if you are not resident in Italy we can not let you collect your antique arms after the sale as you are not authorized to carry them within Italian borders as for the Italian law these items are considered arms and you need a special permit to buy them, we have to ship them outside Italian borders after we collect all the authorizations from the Police Headquarters and the exports papers from the Superintendency)

2) Submit your absentee bids in writing prior to the auction.
You may submit pre-sale bids in writing with our Absentee Bid Instructions. Simply complete the absentee bid form, sign it and send it back to us via fax or email.

3) Bid directly in our website.

A) Log in with your email address and password.
If you don't remember your password or you never had one, simply write your email address in the 'Lost My Password' section and you'll receive your password directly in your inbox. Go check your spam/bin folder, the password might be there!

B) Reach your private page with all your details inside czernys.com
This page is very important and if you start using it you'll have 100% control of your business with us. In there you find your shipping address, your invoices, your bids (and you can always raise your maximum offer there), but you can also change your password to log in or check your bids history and all the lots you won in the past.

C) Make your bids online!
Go back to Auctions or click the Czerny's logo in the top left corner of the website and you can start making offers directly. The price you see for each lot is the highest bid at the moment, not the starting price! If another bidder places for the lot(s) you are offering for a higher maximum bid, we notify you with a dedicated email service that works until the auction in the room starts. How easy!

4) Partecipate as telephone bidder.
We can call you during the sale for the lots you intend to bid for. Contact natalia@czernys.com, she needs to know which lots and which telephone number(s) you wish to be called at during the live sale. Do not forget to give her also your maximum bid in case we cannot reach you on the phone, extra safety!
If you wish to be called on the phone, please note you automatically offer for the base price for the lot.

5) Follow the auction online, live!
This is the core of our auctions. Our live sale service works smoothly, every registered client can join anytime our sale online while we run the auction in the room. The green button LIVE SALE ON will be available in your private page and in the homepage. At the moment the button is red and it says LIVE SALE OFF, when it will be green, you will be able to join the sale as it means the actual sale started in the room